White Mouth Guard

FitExports Professional White Boxing Mouth Guard Silicone Gel Teeth Protector with Maximum durability and perfect fit. Our Mouth guard fits in any mouth due to its specific design, It can also be used to prevent teeth grinding and adjusts to the shape of the mouth, It allows Integrated Breathing channels for more open airway that helps increase endurance. These Mouthguard Gel ideal under the best conditions during boxing and Muay Thai training. We use only the best materials for our products providing you with high quality, long lasting Equipments.

•  Heavy Duty Rubber
•  Adjusts and takes on the perfect fit in the mouth
•  Protects the teeth and jaws
•  Comfortable to wear while training.
•  Size: Senior / Junior
•  Material: EVA / Silicone
•  Available in several Colors
•  Minimum order 20 pairs

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