MMA Shin Guard

FitExports MMA Leather shinguard have sturdy straps on the back with hook and loop tape to secure the guard to your legs. The shape of the protectors is naturally ergonomic and perfectly sits on the legs. The premium combat MMA Shin and Instep Guards are specifically manufactured with 100% genuine leather striking surface for long lasting training performance. These protectors are suitable for Boxing, Muay Thai,  kickboxing, MMA and other contact sports. The Inside Protector padding consists of several layers of foam so that your foot protection is as good as possible. We use only the best materials for our products providing you with high quality, long lasting Equipments.
•  Layered padding adds maximum protection to your legs
•  The ergonomic shape fits perfectly on the legs
•  Material: PU.EVA. Elastic foam
•  Double Closure Velcro strapping
•  Easy removal and adjustment
•  Sizes Available: S/M/L/XL
•  Available in several Colors
•  Get customized with your brand or Logo
•  Minimum order 20 pairs

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